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Hello! I'm sharing information about Aquamarine here and in more upcoming blog posts!

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Aquamarine is a blue variety of beryl, its pale blue colour of aquamarine is attributed to Fe2+, which looking a water in lake, in ocean, in rain drop, in snow flake. It is inspiring and comforting at the same time, just like surrounding by a fountain of life.

Its colour can be in-between blue and green on the colour wheel but it can also have a very light colour, close to white/no colour. It can be found and mined from Brazil, Pakistan, India, Africa, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Xinjiang in China. All of these places have a variety of quality of this gemstone/crystal.

We have been sourcing Aquamarine from Pakistan, Xinjiang, India, Brazil and Africa. Altay Prefecture, Northern Xinjiang is known to supply natural Aquamarine in great fire and brilliance. In Pakistan, we could find more clean Aquamarine crystal closer to cyan colour but there's also a smaller amount of deep blue aquamarine.

The below photo shows some of our naturally occurring, hexagonal crystals of Aquamarine beryl from Shigar Valley in Northern Pakistan .:

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