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The Stone of Love and Guardian, from Mermaids, from the God of Wind

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

The name of Aquamarine is derived from two Latin words: “aqua”, meaning “water”, and marina, meaning “of the sea”. 

Some ancient Greek and Roman Myths spoke of the origins of Aquamarine coming from the treasure chests of mermaids. Aquamarine is ancient Greek sailors’ “Mascot Stone” - they believed Aquamarine would protect them. 

There’re also myths talking about inside the deep, blue sea, mermaids using Aquamarine as accessories but they are also functional during critical moments. During these moments, mermaids would let Aquamarine shine under sunshine to release power to help them, and be guardian. 

Apart from being guardian, Aquamarine is also a blessing to love.

In ancient Greek mythology, a handsome, humble god of wind fell in love with a mortal woman, which was not allowed by the gods at that time. He gave up his life for this love. Before he died, he begged Venus, the god of love, to seal his soul in Aquamarine, blessing people to find their love. Therefore, Mediterranean like wearing Aquamarine to bless their love.

*The above stone in this picture is our raw Aquamarine crystal mined in Altay Prefecture, Northern Xinjiang.

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